FACT: So called ‘Child Advocate’ Ellyn Bogdanoff voted to strip the Education budget every year in office.

FACT: Ellyn Bogdanoff has consistently voted against women’s rights in favor of an extreme agenda, including forced ultrasounds.

FACT: Ellyn Bogdanoff pretends to be an ally of the LGBT community, but she fought against anti-bullying measures to protect LGBT youth.

FACT: Ellyn Bogdanoff has been the subject of multiple complaints during her time as a politician in Tallahassee.

FACT: Ellyn Bogdanoff fought in Tallahassee to protect big tobacco companies; even her top consultant was hired as a tobacco lobbyist!

FACT: Ellyn Bogdanoff received over $100,000 in compensation from a charity that gave out less than $8k to actual students in need.